DR CONGO- Recent History of the Army

On November 14, 2002, the RCD-Goma upgraded its senior officers as a prelude to the establishment of new army headquarters in DR Congo.
That day, as a prelude to the formation of the new Congolese army in accordance with the prescriptions of the Inter-Congolese Dialogue, RCD-Goma proceeded to the appointment of 9 generals, 28 colonels and 48 lieutenant-colonels. The RCD president at the time (Adolphe Onusumba), the ANC-RCD chief of staff (Sylvain Buki) and the former head of the RCD High Command ( Jean-Pierre Ondekane). Malik Kijege and Gabriel Amisi (Tango Four) were appointed brigade generals.
Eight months later, during the formation of the new army (Congolese Armed Forces, FAC, which will become FARDC), Joseph Kabila signed decrees of appointment which concerned 31 officers from the former government army, ex-rebel movements and the traditional Mai-Mai militia. Lieutenant-General Liwanga Mata Nyamunyobo (from the Kinshasa government) was appointed Chief of General Staff of the Congolese army. He was assisted by four deputies, two of whom were from the two main rebel movements of the time: Brigadier General Bahuma Ambamba (from the Mouvement de liberation du Congo – MLC) who was in charge of operations and Brigadier General Malik. Kijege (Congolese Rally for Democracy – RCD / Goma) who was responsible for logistics. In addition, General-Major Sylvain Buki of RCD-Goma became the Chief of Staff of the Land Force, the naval force was entrusted to Major-General Dieudonné Amuli Bahigwa (MLC), while the air force was under Major-General John Numbi (from the government).

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