CONGO-RWANDA: An Unified country emerging

From a French security source (Security Detection Center) and according to the ACDHO, two Congolese language schools are open in Kigali to learn languages to Rwandan and Ugandan nationals who wish to become Congolese. These languages include: kindibu, manianga, kiyombe, kintandu, tshiluba, kisakata, kisengele, kilobo, kimbala, kiyanzi, kimongo, kiteke..and whose teachers are recruited in Kinshasa via the network of Rwandan nationals, with a salary of $ 2,000 per month + housing. In the days to come, we will have by these acts, Rwandan Muntandu of the low-congo, Rwandan Mumbala of Bandundu, Rwandan muluba … Dear brothers, block the road to this project.

Reporter Correspondent

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