Here are the summaries of these wars between Shi and Rwandans:
1. The first war (1388 AD)
The first armed war of Rwanda against Bushi dates from the reign of Mwami NSORO I when the Mwami NNABUSHI KAMOME reigned over the Bushi. Rwandans crossed RUZIZI and raided Bushi to Cirunga. The Bushi Armed Forces had the good fortune to quickly repel the invaders. They finished all who had invaded the flies.
The Rwandan leader NDAHIRO II and RUGANZU II are shot down and the emblem of the royal Rwandan power (the drum) carried off by the Shi.
2. The Second War (C. 1604-1610)
About 3 centuries later, King KIGELI II NYAMUHESHERA of Rwanda wanted at all costs to avenge the defeats inflicted on his grandparents by the BASHI, but his army was surrounded and completely destroyed by the KABERA of Nabushi.
3. The Third War (C. 1766-1770)
Alexis Kagame (a renowned Rwandan historian) maintains that the Rwandan army had suffered a resounding failure and the Commander-in-Chief of the expedition, named KIMANA, son of KABAJYONJYA, was killed.
Rwandans will succeed in the north of Bushi to kill the King of BUHUNDE (present territory of Masisi and Goma) which will become a tributary state of Rwanda.
4. The wars of RWABUGIRI KIGELI IV at Bushi (1873)
For Rwabugiri, the defeats suffered by these ancestors and the emblem of Rwanda that remained in the hands of Shi, was a shame for the Rwandan people that it was necessary to wash by all means.

The main objective of Rwabugiri was, first of all, the conquest of Bushi, which he considered to be the great rival who could, once conquered, allow the submission of all the states of West Lake Kivu. The Rwandan commander RWANYONGA will triumph Shi, The Mwami Rutaganda Bushi retreated to Luhwinja. The Banyarwanda will set up their headquarters in the Central Bushi at MBIZA (Kabare).
The counter-offensive the Shi army led by MUTARUHA was lightning, Rwabugiri seeing that he was unable to stop the advance of the Shi, crossed Lake Kivu and went home to organize, in Rwanda, a year of mourning in memory of his soldiers killed at Bushi. The Shi will cross the border to occupy a vast territory of Rwanda.
It was during the war of Cirhogole that the Rwandan King RWABUGIRI died in his flight to Ibindja Island. Father Kagame, renowned Rwandan historian adds that “Rwandans call this country ‘Bunyabungo’ and the inhabitants ‘Banyabungo’ to say ‘strong country’ and ‘brave warriors’”. This is the origin of the name “Banyabungo”. From this long history of wars between Rwandans and us, the shi, we only remember the victory of the shi and the Rwandans had recognized it until naming us “Banyabungo”, name by which our brothers lega prefers to call us. Sometimes I wonder if the wars that Rwanda has imposed on us for two decades are not a logical consequence of these setbacks suffered for centuries.

One day Prof. Cirhalwira (Cira), a notable from Bukavu, said on Bukavu’s Maendeleo radio: “They have not yet digested the defeats suffered for centuries, and want revenge against us, but we are a warrior people that we will never be able to overcome “. The historical facts should serve as a lesson for us to build a better future for all the peoples of the region. We must assume our history, our successes and our failures of the past, and not feed our people with devastating ideas like the ones we hear here and there that ancient Rwanda extended to the Elila and Lowa rivers, plus far inside Kivu. It is a folly, because the bushi, the only territory of South-Kuvu border of Rwanda had never been conquered by the Rwandan dynasty. If this conquest had succeeded, for a given moment, in North Kivu, precisely in the country of Bahunde, it had never happened in South Kivu, nor beyond buhunde which includes the present Rutchuru and Masisi. And even at some point in history this space was conquered before being taken over by its owners why go, for example, to claim a “second Berlin conference”? No, no … Let’s assume our history, the same that makes people of Rwandan origin are Congolese like other Congolese. To say this truth aloud, as well as others, can not, however, make me an enemy to defeat for one and a traitor of the nation for others. Let’s build peace on the basis of truth!

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