Meeting, Mbusa Nyamwisi Antipas and Serufuli Eugene in Kampala or lachienlit more in the Congolese political crisis.
Two weeks ago, social media ignited the attempted arrest at the Entebbe airport in Uganda of Congolese opposition politician Mbusa Nyamwisi. The sponsor of this arrest and the attempted deportation to Kinshasa is, we are told, the famous and sully boss of the National Agency of Intelligence Congolaise (ANR), Mr. KALEV MITOND.
Any verification made, the story of this arrest is true. It remains to ask the questions that are worth taking into account.
1. How did Mbusa Nyamwisi end up in Entebbe in Kampala?
2. Where did he come from?
3. Where was he going?
4. With whom was he?

Rwandair’s plane from Kigali landed at Entebbe airport with two exceptional passengers on board, namely, MBUSA NYAMWISI and NGAYABERURA SERUFULI Eugene. Immigration staff let the two men through. On leaving the airport, the Ugandan police arrested and detained MBUSA NYAMWISI, who was alleged to have been part of a delegation and to carry a special message to President MUSEVENI.
In Kigali, Mbusa Nyamwisi and Serufuli Eugene had met the Rwandan authorities including the terrible Minister of Defense Kabarebe James who had taken care to organize a private meeting with General Nkundabatware Laurent.
According to reliable sources in Kigali, the Rwandan authorities are worried about the unfolding of the crisis in Kinshasa and are convinced that whatever they do, Joseph KABILA will not get away with it. They then take the lead to put their pieces in power in Kinshasa in order to continue to exercise control over the DRC’s policy. The tandem Mbusa Nyamwisi – Serufuli Eugene with General NKUNDABATWARE Laurent as chief of staff of the army would reassure Rwanda with wonder. It was then necessary to inform President Museveni of this happy adventure. This is the reason for Mbusa and Serufuli’s visit to Kampala.

Before leaving Kigali for Kampala, the ANR was informed of this move and posted its agents at Entebbe airport to try, in vain, to stop and deport Mbusa, it was not counting on the dense network that Mbusas was formed in the powerhouse of Uganda.
On his return from Kampala, SERUFULI Eugene gathered his lieutenants including SENINGA Robert, KILIVITA Bertin, BIGEMBE and the Honorable SEBISHIMBO and asked them to start sensitizing the youth of the Hutu community for an imminent rebellion that will take over power in Kinshasa with head General Nkundabatware. Leaks of the plan came into the ear of Joseph Kabila who entrusted the mission of the physical neutralization of the entire band to General Delphin Kayimbi.
In the territory of Beni, the elements of MBUSA NYAMWISI are implemented. In Masisi and Rutshuru territory, the plan was smothered in the bud. Since yesterday, elements of the Rwandan Army have raided Congolese territory at Kibati. The doggie Congolese politicians.

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