The Eastern Congo(drc) has lived the worse humanitarian scenarios in the country soon after independance of Congo(drc) on 30 June 1960.

Soon after indenpendence inhabitants were all entitled to freely participate in the management of the region and decide on their destiny. However it was not for long as discrimination, exclusion , ethnicism, regionalism (civil and human rights violations) arose. These violations were mostly manifested in the:

In 1962-1966: The kanyarwanda war. 1971-The “Abahutu” (Congolese Hutus) stripped off their ultimate right, the right to citizenship. President Mobutu signed a presidential ordonance

stripping off citizenship to the abahutu. The consequences of such a decision are unmeasurable as the peasants and elite class of the Bahutu faced tragedy” the unknown face of the Mobutu’s regime”. The Abahutu had no right to the land anymore!

With the era of Multiple political parties in Zaire ( the actual Congo-drc) in 1990, the Abahutu fought back peacefully and democratically to regain their rights.They were subsequently killed, tortured and massacred just as democracy was booming out in Zaire ( actual Congo-drc). On the 20 March 1993, the untold took off.The Abahutu were caught up in their homes and chruches (it was a sunday!)in the district of Walikale and Masisi and were cruelly killed and massacred.

In 1994 the Abahutu witnessed the death of thousands of thousands of the Rwandan Hutus refugees as the latter fled the RPF-led Government in Rwanda. Meanwhile the killings and massacres of the Abahutu in Eastern DRC that took off in 1993 continued. In 1996 the Rwanda-Burundi-Uganda RPF-AFDL supported rebellion fighting to destroy the rwandese Hutus refugee camps in the eastern Congo(drc) and to topple president Mobutu cleansed the villages of Abahutu in its warrior campains. The Abahutu who survived are those who opted to run away from villages and live in the bush feeding on wildly plants and fruits!

President Laurent Kabila seized power and his son Joseph Kabila took

power in 2001 following the abrupt assassination of his father.President Kabila has now been elected democratically to power in October 2006. But today what occurs in Congo in general and Eastern Congo(drc) in particular is appalling and extremely distressfull.

The Abahutu are still being massacred, marginalized, exluded from the North-Kivu provincial and Congo(drc) national responsabilities.The rebel-leaders and the governement soldiers daily torture, kill and massacre the Abahutu community in Eastern DRC- Congo. And yet the country is now in democracy,,, and yet the country has now an army and police to defend its citizen…with the support of MONUC… Newsgena Institute wants to make difference and share the untold with the entire humanity. Spread the news, share the news. Share the news , assist in restoring lasting peace in the region.Stand for life and save the Abahutu people and the other inhabitants in the Eastern Congo(DRC) from the civil and human rights violations and support them in restoring lasting peace and striving for sustainable development.

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