Health: What can I do to avoid falling sick again?

Through many years of work as a Medical Doctor and Naturopathic works many clients asked me the question: What can I do for not to fall sick again?

Whether we like it or not once in a time we will fall sick. We seek medical treatment and get cured. Then journey to strengthen your body so that we do not fall sick again begins thereafter.

Why do we fall sick? We fall sick either because of toxins that have accumulated in our body or because of nutritional deficiencies. Hereditary deficiency can also contribute to our wellbeing. The main reasons why we fall sick is due to toxins or nutritional deficiencies.

In here toxins can be anything ranging from the kind of foods we eat, germs invading our body or our body’s waste that accumulates in our organism. Many will agree that we are what we eat. What we eat determines the kind of waste that will accumulate in our body.

Have you imagined why in a community of 350,000 people, 10 or 50 individuals will catch community acquired pneumonia. Pneumonia is inflammation of the lungs. So why these 50 individuals become sick while the remaining people do not fall sick? The answer is that the Vital Force for these 50 individuals has become weak due to factors undermining their health. When our vital force becomes weak we become sick very often.

When we fall sick it is important to seek treatment so that our vital force can be enhanced so that it fights better and keeps us free of disease. To seek treatment, you can consult a medical doctor, a homeopath doctor, a naturopathic doctor or any other qualified health professional. Once you are healed it is important to detoxicate your body so that your body becomes toxins free and has all good nutrients it needs to thrive.

To clear our body of toxins, avoid all minimize the following:

Avoid sugar. If you cannot avoid sugar make sure you keep the level of consumption minimal

Avoid bread. If you cannot avoid bread make sure you keep the level of consumption minimal possible

Increase vegetables in your diet. Maximize raw vegetables consumption.

Increase fruits in your diet.

I found a secret to maximize raw vegetables and fruits consumption. Just buy a good blender to make smoothies. Buy banana, cherries, blue berries, apple, mangos, oranges, spinach, cabbage, etc. If the raw products are expensive for you just go for frozen vegetables and fruits. Some fruits are best when raw. Now Buy almond milk. Almond milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D when fortified. This allows you to avoid animal milk in your diet. Mix the vegetables and fruits in the blender and make smoothies. Have 350 mls of this smoothie on each dish. This will allow you to cut on your dish portions because this smoothie can supply good energy to the body metabolism.

Work towards making your body alkaline. The PH of your body should be alkaline. When the PH of the body is acidic, the body works hard to get rid of the acid in urine and gut. At a certain level the body gets overwhelmed and fails to keep the body neutral or alkaline. An acidic body is bad because that is when your body is destroyed bit by bit and you start catching chronic illnesses and cancers.

Avoid animal proteins. This means if you can avoid meat, cut it completely from your diet. If you cannot then make plans to cut half the amount of meat you eat. Gradually you will manage to avoid meat. Proteins in general and animal proteins in particular turn our body acidic. There are terrible toxins urea and ammonia that are end products of proteins metabolism and these toxins make our body acidic.

Exercise. Find ways to exercise your body. You do not need to go to gym to pay money. Plan on walking 30 Mins to 1 Hour 3 times a week. If you can implement jogging that is even better. If you have financial means join a gym and ensure you go there at least 3 times per week and exercise for at least 30 mins each time you go there.

Choose wisely things that you see and listen to. If we are what we eat physically our psychic and mental health can be affected by what we see and listen to. No wonder why people who have witnessed wars suffer from post traumatic stress or anxiety disorders. The state of our psychic and mental health affects our vital force. The vital force is what regulates our body to continuously heal itself. At the psychic level we have emotions and feelings. At the mental level we have reasoning, memory, information processing, etc.

Keep good relationships and avoid conflicts. Conflicts will always be there. If someone hurts you, do not keep it in your heart. Rather go to them and tell them how they made you feel, you may be surprised they had no intention to hurt you. If you feel you might have hurt someone please go to them and apologize. The aim is to keep good relationships with our family members, neighbors and all mates.

Eat a balanced diet to ensure you eat all vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements needed for your well-being and to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

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