would like to say that Africa suffers because we lack good leaders with many visions like Lumumba, Sankara, Mandela etc. Then Africa suffers because of its people who did not stand up to make a change … who was still waiting for an easy life!
Being Canadian, we like to say the word “hump” to mean “hard work”, in Canada, we work 7/7, 24 hours a day … There is no time to waste.
Our dear Africans let us stand up for this change!
African women are the foundation of African development, working in the fields and markets etc., while men sit at home! And you think of the miracles of rapid development! First, these women are mothers with 5 children on average, less educated and often malnourished or treated!
The change I’m talking about, must start at the source!
By involving men, women and young people and by making a modern development that aims to create jobs and wealth!

Reporter Correspondent

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