Many people have asked us to compare the Habyarima regime and the Kagame regime.

Habyarimana was president of Rwanda and was assassinated in 1994 when his airplane was shot down by rebels in Kigali. Kagame is the actual president of Rwanda.

Both Habyarimana and Kagame have made impact in the development of the country compared to other African countries especially compared to neighboring DRC.

Habyarima loved the Country and Rwandans. Habyarimana welcomed all Rwandans in Rwanda whether they were Hutu or Tutsi. He also instructed the mayors to give Identity cards to any Rwandan who returned to Rwanda.

Kagame on the other hand is intriguing. Kagame was a rebel and many report that he is the one who short down the Habyarimana airplane in order to control power in Rwanda. There are thousands and thousands of Tutsi who contributed to the Kagame rebel movement RPF in Congo-DRC. When Kagame took power in 1994 they went back to Rwanda hoping to be part of the newly formed Rwandan government. Other Tutsi from Congo-DRC followed in 1995, 1996, 1998. The appalling thing is that even though they are Tutsi, even though they financed the Kagame rebel movement, President Kagame decided to mass them in refugee camps in southeastern Rwanda. He never gave them Rwandan identity cards or put in place a framework to help them integrate the Rwandan society. If it was Habyarimana he could have given them Rwandan ID and then they could study and work in Rwanda. Now Kagame has decided to place them in refugee camps.

Is that good? These Tutsi are in fact Rwandese people. They fled Rwanda in 1959 and crossed into Congo. Their children even though born in Congo-DRC were refugees. So technically these people were returning back to their country of origin. Plus they are Tutsi like Kagame. It is not fair to mass them in refugee camps. Now there are more than 2 generations born and raised in refugee camps.

What is the deal? President Kagame wants to keep them in refugee camps as to merchandise them with the Congolese Government. So if the Congolese government says a word Kagame just voices out that they have Congolese refugees. But also it is among these concentration camps that the rebels fighting to destabilize eastern Congo-DRC go recruit the youth.

We praise Rwanda for achieving peace. Let us be honest. Peace in Rwanda is precarious. People in Rwanda live in fear. They cannot express themselves freely. If they speak out what is in their heart, we can assure you at 100% that the RPF will kidnap them and will never be seen again. There is a wave movement to clean the city of Bandits in Rwanda. Homeless people are jailed in camps and eventually die from hunger by lack of food or sanitary needs. Habyarimana would never do that.

Habyarimana built peace with surrounding countries. President Kagame wages war with neighbors. We know Rwanda finances and arms militia fighting in Eastern DRC and Burundi. We know Rwanda wanted to destabilize Tanzania.

What can we do for Rwanda? Allow the freedom of expression in the Country. Put in place a people’s government not a democratic dictatorship.

What is democratic dictatorship? It is a state in which the government organizes elections to mimic democracy but force people to vote for a specific leader. In Rwanda people voting are not free. if they do not vote Kagame they will never be found again, they will be kidnapped.

What is people’s government? A regime that respects people’s will.

Reporter Correspondent

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